Year 2015

This yearly forecast is based on Ascending signs and not based on your moon sign or the Sun sign. You can find your ascendant and rising degree of ascendant By clicking -->Here<--.
As per Systems Approach To Vedic Astrology, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets for Aries ascendant. Following is the quarterly break up of all transits for Aries. Please note that if the natal planets in your horoscope are strong and if you are running a sub-period of a strong benefic planet the evil effects of transits will be reduced significantly while good effects of transits will be enhanced. Similarily if running sub-period is that of a malefic or afflicted planet and/or natal planets are weak, the good transits will not be as good and bad influences will have more impact.

January - June
Month of January will be good in terms of your status and your influence which will help enhanced sources of income and your reputation as luck would be favorable as your acumen will bring success. You would invest and/or benefit from immovable assets. Mercury/Venus will be in close conjunction up to January 20th. This would mean that you you need to take care of your wife\'s health as she would be vulnerable, there could be stressful relation with the spouse and there would be disputes related to foreign lands and partnerships during this time, specially so between January 11t and January 17. Between Feb 1 and Feb 10, you are likely to have some investment gains probably via speculative investments. Feb 10 to March 3rd, you will face some stress related to losses, temporary separation from spouse and some damage to ego! This will be worse after 25th of February as wife\' health too would suffer and expenses will be on the higher side. After middle of February until middle of April, There would be some monetary gains. March in general will be stressful and emotionally draining. Those with rising degree of ascendant between 14 degrees and 18 degrees, will start facing stress in various areas of life and for them the problems stated previously will be much more intense. Emotional stress from March continues until April 10. However your health stays good in April and you will do good at job and would take leadership role. Luck stays favorable. Starting May, until middle of June, you will see gains coming through your leadership, acumen and efforts. There would be gain in assets via partnerships.
July - December
Good luck continues. Up to 20th of July, your skills, talents and intelligence will help succeed. Your efforts will bear fruit and you will feel lucky. There will be profits/benefits in relation to partnerships. Family life shall be happy and there would be peace of mind. Up to end of August there may be gains from investments and gain via immovable property. Good luck continues through middle of November. After middle of November, there could be some mental stress and it would continue until middle of October. Otherwise the luck is favorable. For those with rising degree of ascendant between 2 and 6 degrees, time until middle of September as there will be monetary gains and some inheritance will be coming your way. But for those with rising degree between 4 and 8 degrees, there would be some stress in family life and work from beginning of August to middle of November. November will be a month when your health with suffer and so would be your spouse\'s. There would be some arguments within the family and/or with people around you. Expenses will be on the higher side. It will be a stressful month. You could be involved in some accident or mishap. Drive carefully and be take extra precautions this month. Be patient. Things improve in December a little bit but still be cautious until middle of December. Health would need to a close watch until December 24th.

Date Updated : Dec 31 2014

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