Year 2015

This yearly forecast is based on Ascending signs and not based on your moon sign or the Sun sign. You can find your ascendant and rising degree of ascendant by clicking -->Here<--.
As per Systems Approach To Vedic Astrology, Jupiter, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets for Capricorn ascendant. Following is the quarterly break up of all transits for Capricorn. Please note that if the natal planets in your horoscope are strong and if you are running a sub-period of a strong benefic planet the evil effects of transits will be reduced significantly while good effects of transits will be enhanced. Similarily if running sub-period is that of a malefic or afflicted planet and/or natal planets are weak, the good transits will not be as good and bad influences will have more impact.

January - June
You will do extremely will at work/job/profession in the month of January even though there would be some stress in family life during the first week. During first half of February, there would be some problems related to family life as there could be some separation from the spouse temporarily, there could be expenses or mishaps. Drive carefully. Second half will bring success via your efforts. Good luck continues through March. Those will rising degree of ascendant between 8 and 12 degrees will have more good luck in relation to wealth, status and income from middle of February to end of April. And for those with rising degree of ascendant between 13 and and 17 degrees will face stress/challenges in various areas of life between end of February to middle of May. During first half of April you will have to take special care of your father\'s health and luck will not be as favorable during this time so don\'t push you luck. But it will be temporary as things will improve right after middle of April. In May there will trouble/disputes/arguments in/about job/work/profession. You have to be patient and avoid arguments. Family life would be stressful as well. During the month of June, there would be some serious trouble in family as there there would be some dispute/arguments. There would be some serious trouble at job as well.
July - December
The troubles from June continue into July and will keep giving trouble until end of July. During this half of the year, those with rising degree of ascendant between 2 and 7 degrees will have some good luck in relation to wealth, status and incomes between July 1st and middle of September. For those will rising degree of ascendant between 4 and 8 degrees will face problems and challenges in various areas of life between end of July and middle of November. During August, there would be some serious job related trouble. Also there could be some mishaps during this month and you should be careful in what you do. Drive carefully. Same caution should be taken during the month of September as well although this month there would be some job related gains in relation to immovable property. Overall time is not very favorable well up to end of October. Things get better in November but still father\\\'s health would be a concern. You would do well in job/profession but family life could be stressful. During December you will do really well in job/profession/work.

Date Updated : Dec 31 2014

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